Friday, 18 November 2011

Coolest jumper EVER?!!
I think so!
I will be slumming around our tiny, very fake, but wonderful christmas tree wearing this, my boxer shorts and my peruvian alpaca socks on Christmas day evening with my favourite flatmate and truly great friend - Miss. Sona Miscikova!


Johnny Depp for Vanity Fair November 2011


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Andrea Bocelli - Nessun Dorma

and here's one to go to bed too! (one of the greatest - perhaps Greatest song of all time)


My bargaaaaaain

went to my local market today and amidst my rummaging around the crappy secondhand stalls (seriously it is world's away from Portobello market)  - look what I found  - a vintage real fox fur hat.
For a grand total of €5! Come on winter!

made me smile today :)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011




I'm not a small dog person at all. But when I was in Paris a great friend of mine and gorgeous Russian girl called Valentina asked Gabbie to take care of her pooch for a long weekend whilst she went away. And so arrived Mischa... and she rocked! 

It was the best weekend of my time in Paris. My brother came to visit - Ross, Gabbie, Tod and I - all spent the evening at Gab's and Ross's apartment (with one of Gab's incredible curries) before heading to the best club I have ever been to in my life - all on flying form and finally drunk and high as little kites we climbed Sacre Coeur to see the sunrise.... 

Photos of Mischa remind me of that weekend!


(last 2 photos taken by me)

love this.
by Marc Mez

The Grenadier, London

One of my secret places in London is The Grenadier and introduced to be my my ex-boyfriend. It is hidden, tucked away deep down in a teeny mews in Belgravia. Only moments from the bustle of Hyde Park Corner it is almost impossible to find this little pub. You have to wind your way down narrow cobbled streets and under old stone archways and then finally you come upon it and it is really surprising when you eventually do. 
It is a true "Old man's" pub - very small, wonderfully old fashioned, pokey and smokey and on a cold winter's evening there is nothing quite as awesome as a glass of hot wine whilst cramped onto a dark worn out leather sofa in here buried amongst the banter and chatter of grumbling old men. It is almost like being transported to another era.
I am really looking forward to being back in London town next week.