Monday, 13 September 2010

120mm moon rock

Trying to get my 120mm film developed is crazy difficult deep in the Umbrian Hills. I took it to a small Fotografia shop, the kind where you can usually find gizmo's and gadget's galore. The guy behind the counter is as old as the hills so I was sure he'd be able to help me out. Since he is, or was, a Photographer surely film is his forte. He looked at the film, turning it over ever so gently in his fingers, examining each end and side, lifting it up to the light and then placing it on the table before picking it up to re-examine it again. I might as well just have handed him a moon rock. He apologized and just said he couldn't (I add here: even begin) to develop it.

N.B. note to self: must learn more italian photographic vocab.

Have a beautiful day all.


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