Monday, 6 September 2010


I've been busting a gut all summer to earn me enough money to get to Speos in Paris this January. But busting a gut and not spending a teeny bit on some gizmo or gadget just for yourself would be, well, unhealthy. So last week I released my inner ebayer and let the bidding begin.

For ages I have wanted to hark back to film photography and explore what so many describe as the magic of the darkroom and developing. As well as that I love vintage, retro photography. Perhaps it's a bit of a fad that is sweeping amongst photographers and the 'riff raff" (oi oi- wink wink, nudge nudge) as well. Even the iphone hipstamatic app has taken facebook albums by storm. But I love it and beyond that I also believe that knowing how to expose an image perfectly using a completely manual film camera is a great, if not the only way, to really call yourself a true photographer. Maxi Jazz may have said
 'you don't need eyes to see, you need vision'
... but a royal understanding of aperture control, shutter speed and your ISOs - is bang on.

So, I digress, my present for myself: 
  • PENTAX K1000 with 2 lens, pack of filters
  • BABY BLUE (cute) HOLGA 120N with flash
  • 3 expired colour 35mm film
  • 3 expired black and white 35mm film
  • 3 rolls of 120 expired colour film
  • 3 rolls of 120 expired black and white film


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