Saturday, 4 September 2010

Going loco

After somewhat of a break down (one of which I had this morning) it is amazing how even the smallest things can suddenly seem light. It must just have been pent up frustration and, well I don't know what, but when eventually it all boils over and you lose yourself for a matter of minutes - for real, a weight is lifted off your shoulders. It's mad. The teeniest things have since made me laugh all day. Shopping with my mum and her nearly knocking over an entire display of shoe polish and laces (I nearly wet myself - if anyone had seen me laughing they would definitely have thought I was loco or drunk - though there are times when I'm not far off - either), watching some mediocre Disney movie called Snow Dogs, some ryanair gag sent on email and now Wallace and Gromit - Got to L.O.V.E Wallace and Gromit!!!

Click here:
RYAN-FECKIN'-AIR : God this is funny

Have lovely saturday night World.


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