Friday, 3 September 2010


I am a huge aficionado of, well - all things Apple. (Minus the iPhone as I still won't be parted from my trustee old school nokia). 
Not long ago my computer crashed and I wasn't (Grrrrrrr!) a Backer Upper. As a result I lost years of photos and an entire uninterrupted 28.8 days of music. The only thing I had left was my small, probably now verging on vintage, original ipod nano. After getting my computer back I reloaded a new itunes etc etc. only to discover that when I attached the iPod I couldn't transfer the music on it into the new itunes.
I refuse to remove a single song from my bursting 4G nano (music is another major thing in my life and so much of what is on that little podster would take me ages to find again).

As a result two days ago I decided it was time to invest in a new nano. Checked the Apple site and yep- all fine whoop dee doo. THEN - yesterday I received this email from them about the new nano, just out. YESTERDAY. I have had my ipod for years and never contemplated getting a new one, then less then 48 hours after I decide to push the Apple boat out arriveth the super cute and next big thing from Apple -  not a new Mac, iPad, iPhone or any other iPod - but my own hearts desire: You are so welcome new nano! 

Mad timing.


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