Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Crazy about The Kooples

With "military elegance, revisited flight jackets, cardigans, dresses from iconic women, British styled "Crombie" coats [and]... the perferted three piece suit" - what is not to be crazy about??!!!

This relatively new kid on the concept block is in short - plain chic. As Godard would have called it: slightly androgynous and modern.

I think this label is set to take a few of us by storm in both it's style, concept and 'codes of rock' inspirations. I love the idea behind it, I love the looks and I love the Photography. Not only that but I have forever been a huge fan of the classical suit on women. Yves-Saint Laurent sealed it but isn't it just delightful to now have an affordable and cutting edge take on it???

My future shopping sprees are sorted!


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