Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The light today ...

On my way home for lunch today I got off at metro Sentier and walked. The light was beautiful today. It has that real crisp cold and clear touch to it. Couldn't help but take some photographs. 

I currently have an on going assignment to document my neighbourhood and we have been encouraged to stick to one or the other: Colour or Black and White, and not a combination of the two. I have been struggling for a while to decide which to use but today, as if a little light bulb popped in my head, I have decided it just has to be Black and White. Paris is awash with colours but what do you really think of when you think of parisian postcards....? Photography was born in Black and White, photography was born in Paris. "When in Rome" hey ...... or Gay Pariiiiiieeeee

Decision made my masters.


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