Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Circus Runaway

With my oldest brother coming to visit in November, my other older brother emailed me to say what did I think about having a truly HUGE sibling weekend!??!! He's a big planner and wants to do a massive family dinner, 2 full on nights out (Tod's in charge of this part), Sunday pub lunch, black tie cocktails somewhere, a west end show and a day sky diving/ 4x4-ing/ the Circus/ or something equally mental together.
So I decided to get on the case and check out what I could find. And I think this is great:

They're called The Circus Space

A Circus that offers individual classes, full courses and private classes doing everything and anything Circus.
It is based in an old Power station in Hoxton and looks awesome.

I suppose like any avid traveller I have always enjoyed the romanticism of the Circus and the idea of escaping into it's world.

(Photos by the ever wonderful Wendy Bevan)

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