Friday, 26 August 2011

En route to Ganischgeralm

After a productive and somewhat difficult year for me it looks as though I am heading back into the Dolomites (Obereggen) for the entire winter season. Great news - partly because it's a full 4 months of work, partly because I love the work, partly because I love the people I work with and also partly because the place is incredibly beautiful.

Every morning for 4 months of the winter I will ski-doo up into the mountains before the rest of world wakes up and for me there is nothing quite like that 10 minutes. Being able to look out over a silent, sleeping and snow ladden world as the sun is rising over the mountains.

Here's to that 10 minutes:

I live amidst the souls of deep see creatures,
Though now they brush the stars,
Silent winds whip once lost beaches,
And freeze the rocks  of far

A magic stirs you cannot place
But sense the power untold
There’s something here you cannot trace
That life holds deep and old

So wake at dawn to see this land
That glides beneath the moon
Where snow falls silent as a man
That walks in thoughts of doom

My heart beat sounds unto my core
My breath to rise and fall
Alone and high where eagles sore
Beneath these great stone walls

I love this place with all my heart
It’s silence and it ‘s lore
Where life and death live hand in hand
I’m summoned by it’s awe.


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