Tuesday, 2 August 2011


My favourite places on earth are those places away from the crowds. High up where I can see for miles. Places where you can get lost in nothingness and vastness.
This recent photobook is simply stunning and was in fact edited by a tutor of mine, Marc Prust. I love flicking through it and it takes me miles away from my own reality.

"This strikingly beautiful and unusual photobook takes us on a multi-continent search for the last living nomadic peoples in the Northern Hemisphere. It's a remarkable journey, showing facets of modern-day nomadic cultures that are not quite what one would expect to find." Lens Culture review ...

"Since the beginning of time, nomadic people have roamed the earth. Looking for food, feeding their cattle. Looking for an existence, freedom. Living in the wild, mountains, deserts, on tundra and ice. With only a thin layer of tent between them and nature. Earth in the 21st century is a crowded place, roads and cities are everywhere. Yet somehow, these people hold on to traditions that go back to the very beginning of human civilization."

Photography: Jeroen Toirkens
Essay: Jelle Brandt Corstius
Edit: Marc PrĂ¼st & Jeroen Toirkens
Design: Wout de Vringer
Publisher: Lannoo

Everyone's getting it for Christmas.

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