Monday, 24 October 2011

Cover me in Chanel anyday

I recently started using a bottle of Chanel Cristalle given to me last christmas... and I LOVE it. I haven't used it before because I used to think it was perhaps a tad classic in scent for me. But in the last few months I have come round to thinking that the classical Chanel scents such as Cristalle or No. 5 are actually stunning. Especially the Cristalle because for me there is something slightly 'Homme' about the scent as well, so it's like having Leonardo DiCaprio hovering around you. Not bad really. 

My absolute favourite Chanel scent - in fact - favourite perfume ever is Chanel Beige. It is far lesser known then most of the Chanel scents and you used only to be able to buy it in Chanel flagship stores. Even so today it is crazily hard to get your hands on and costs a small fortune. I have taken to sneakily using my mum's from time to time.

***Just as an after thought - I truly think one of the most incredible and romantic gifts a guy can ever give a girl - is a bottle of Chanel. (Boys- avoid Chance or Mademoiselle and opt for a classic instead - you'll blow her mind - that's a promise)***


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