Monday, 10 October 2011


I recently discovered a concept that I think is great. It is called THINKING SPACES by The Economist. Basically it's a website and anyone can go on - select a city - and then share places within that city that they have discovered. Anyone else can then look up that city and see the recommendations given by others or upload their own.

The whole is thing is founded on this idea of being able to find space to breathe and - well obviously - think, within cities. I have a problem with big cities at the best of times and like places with a view or places where I can go, sit and do my own thing with my ipod on. So, of course, I loved this site.

AND - unsurprisingly there is an iphone app.

Check it out at -

Here's one of mine - my laundrette in Paris. Don't know why but I loved passing a couple of hours in there every Saturday morning.


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