Thursday, 10 November 2011

Today was tough. Not bad, just tough. I had to face some stuff that I have put off for a long time and haven't wanted to face for a long time. I guess there are always moments in time or certain days in a year  or even just a lifetime that will stick out because of how challenging they were. Today was one of those days for me - and I have known for a few weeks that it was coming and that it might rumble me a bit.

I think having challenging days makes everyone's achievements seem truly worthy and deeply satisfying. Life's not meant to be plain sailing - it is was we wouldn't feel nearly as alive. No matter how hard the difficult days like today can seem - I wouldn't run away from it all - well unless a fantastical circus with an enormous big top tent and a wagon full of wild creatures came a calling.  

Goodnight World!

See you in 11.11.11.

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