Saturday, 29 October 2011

DRIVE (2011)

Watched this last night after my younger brother recommended it to me saying - I think you'll like this, it's quite arty.

However - I don't think it's the "arty-ness" that snapped me up. Yes - it is filmed beautifully, but I think it is a combination of all the factors from some extraordinary acting, a soundtrack to die for and a powerful storyline.

There are elements of "Leon" in it. There are elements of Tarantino in it. There are moments of quiet yet breath taking beauty in it and moments of violence that compare with the horrors you see in American History X.

For me this film is what "Inception" was to me in 2010. Ultimately - my film of the year and I am now excited to see what else Nicolas Winding Refn has and will direct in the future.

.... finally - their is a moment in the elevator that I think is the most romantic, mind blowing kiss I have ever seen in cinema. EVER.

Enjoy, my masters.

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